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Find out the scheduled blackout periods for your property under the Variable Rota Disconnection Plan.

Finding your load block identifier

You can find your load block identifier online using your postcode.

Alternatively, your load block should be displayed on your bill. Some examples are below which indicate where you might find the alpha identifier.

An Octopus Energy bill showing the load block identifier, in this case load block R:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be blackouts this winter?

There are a number of factors could affect if blackouts are required this winter. The temperature, along with gas supplies will directly affect the availability of electricity over the coldest months.

The National Grid have indicated that blackouts are currently a worst case scenario, so for the time being, it seems unlikely, however there is a plan in place should this be needed.

When will blackouts happen?

If any blackouts are required, the current plan states that power could be disconnected for 3 hour periods.

The day and time will depend on which load block your supply falls under, and the extent of the disconnections required to manage the load.

When will I lose power if there are blackouts this winter?

The Variable Rota Disconnection Plan (VRDP) is a plan which intends to manage power availability in the event of an electricity shortage.

The exact date and time of the planned blackouts can be checked using your load block identifier.

The disconnection periods vary between level 1 - 18 with higher levels resulting in more periods of disconnection.

How do I check when blackouts will happen in my area?

You’ll need to following information to check the scheduled disconnection schedule for your property:

  • Postcode of the property
  • Load block identifier

You can find your load block identifier on your electricity bill, by contacting your supplier, or by using the powercut105 website.