Free Property Valuation

Enter a postcode to get a free property valuation.

Use our free property valuation to get an instant estimate of how much your house is worth using just the postcode.

How much is my house worth?

You can use this property value check service to get an instant estimate of the value of a property using just the postcode.

We use public data to estimate the current value of a home based on data from properties in the surrounding area.

This service can give you a free property valuation estimate instantly, but you should speak to an estate agent for an accurate valuation, as there are many factors which we are unable to take into account.

Checking the sales history of a property

Find information about the sales history of a property by entering the address.

Data is available for any residential sales back to 1995.

From time to time, missing or incorrect sales data may appear in HM Land Registry records. You can report an error to HM Land Registry to get this corrected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my house worth?

Enter your postcode and select the property address to get a free property valuation instantly.

Our house value calculator uses information from property sales in your area to give an instant estimate of how much a property is worth.

How is the property valuation calculated?

The estimated current value of a property is calculated using data from similar sales in your area.

We use information about previous sales, along with the house price index and other publicly available data.

Using this information we’ll aim to provide an estimated value for your property.

Why can’t I get a valuation for my property?

The valuation service uses public data to estimate the value of your property based on the area, property type, age, construction and condition.

In some cases, where this information is unavailable, we won’t be able to provide an accurate price estimation for your property.

Common reasons include:

  • Properties which haven't sold recently
  • Properties which have been significantly altered or renovated since their last sale
  • New build properties

How long does it take to get a free property valuation?

After providing the postcode and address of the property, the current estimated property value will be available instantly.

For some properties, where we don’t have enough data available to check what your house is worth. You would need to contact a local estate agent to get an accurate valuation of your property.