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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EPC?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) measures the impact of a property on the environment.

A property can be placed in bands A - G, with the most efficient buildings being in band A and the least efficient in band G.

An energy performance certificate records details about the current energy efficiency of a property, along with recommendations on how to improve efficiency and save money.

Do I need an EPC?

A valid energy performance certificate (EPC) is required when a property is built, sold or rented.

An up to date EPC certificate is required before you market your property. Once issued, an EPC is valid for 10 years.

Which properties don’t need an EPC?

There are some exceptions to building which will not require an EPC. These include:

  • Places of worship
  • Temporary buildings
  • Industrial sites that use a low amount of energy
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Listed buildings
  • Residential buildings used less than 4 months per year

You should get advice from your local authority to confirm that you don’t need to get an EPC.

What happens if I don’t get an EPC?

A valid EPC certificate must be provided to any potential buyers or tenants free of charge. Without a valid EPC you would be unable to market the property for sale or rent.

Marketing without a valid EPC certificate could result in a fine of £200 for domestic properties.

How do I get an EPC?

If your property doesn’t have a valid EPC, you’ll need to get a new energy performance certificate.

You can arrange for an accredited assessor to inspect the property and issue an energy performance certificate.

You must provide the EPC certificate before selling or renting your property.

What is the minimum EPC certificate rating required to rent my property?

As of 1st April 2018, a property would need to have an energy performance certificate rating of E or above before you could market it for private rental.

What is the minimum EPC certificate rating required to sell my property?

There is currently no minimum EPC rating required if you intend to sell a property.

The minimum EPC requirement only affects landlords wishing to rent a property in the private sector.

Do I need an EPC to sell my house?

A valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by law when selling a property.

If the EPC for your property has expired, you'll need to get a new one before listing your home on the market.

You could be fined if you fail to make an EPC available to a potential buyer.

How long is an energy performance certificate valid for?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is valid for 10 years. You won't need to get another EPC until the current one expires if you're looking to sell or rent a property.