House Value Calculator

Enter a postcode to get a house price estimate.

Use the house value calculator service to get an instant house price estimate by postcode.

Using the house value calculator

You can use this service to get an instant house price estimate. This service can be used to check your own house value or get an estimate of another residential property just using the postcode.

You can check the value of a house for free using this service, however the value provided is only an estimate based on historical sale prices and the UK house price index.

Check Property Value

Check house prices in my street

Enter your postcode to see a list of properties in your street. You can check the estimated value of each house or flat to get an idea of property prices in your area. This can be useful if you’re considering selling your home and wish to get an approximate idea of the current market value.

House value calculations are available for properties which have sold since 1995. We’re currently unable to provide an instant estimate for properties which last sold before this time and you would need to speak to an estate agent or surveyor to get an accurate price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to get a house value calculation?

You can check the estimated current value of a property using just the postcode. You’ll need to select the property address from a list to check the estimated current price.

Properties which haven’t sold since 1995 will not appear as we aren’t able to provide a calculation.

How long does it take to get calculate the value of a house?

You can get an instant calculation for most properties which have sold after 1995. We’re currently working on improving this service, so please contact us if you’re having problems and we’ll look into this as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to get a house value calculation?

You can use this service to get an approximate estimate of a properties value for free, however this information is only aimed at providing a guide price and you should speak to an estate agent or survey if you are considering marketing your property or looking for an accurate price.

Why can’t I get a house price estimate?

In some cases, there may not be enough information for us to calculate an estimated value for your property. This could be because your home has not been sold for a long time, or when there is missing or inaccurate information in the Land Registry records.

Calculations are also only available for residential properties.

How accurate is the house price calculator?

The house price calculator uses data from the UK house price index in conjunction with previous sale prices to provide a rough estimate of the current market value of a home.

In situations where there are discrepancies in the data, the estimates may be affected and for this reason can’t always be accurate. Additionally, the calculator does’t take into account improvements made since the house was last sold, for example, extensions or renovations.

Why should I use the service?

This service aims to give a rough price if you’re considering moving and need an idea of property prices in a specific postcode area.

This can be useful to get an indication of house price changes based on the UK house price index, but isn’t as accurate as getting the property valued by an agent.

How do I report a problem with the house price calculator?

If you’re having problems with missing or inaccurate prices, please contact us and we’ll look to fix any problems as soon as possible.

Any inaccurate sold prices can be corrected by contacting HM Land Registry directly.