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Enter a postcode to check the history of a property.

Use this service to find property history for residential buildings.

Included Data

You can use this service to check property history using the postcode.

  • Property build year
  • Sales history
  • Lease details
  • Number of extensions*
  • EPC history*
*This information is coming soon. Please contact us if you are interested in accessing this data.

Checking the history of a property

You can check the history of any property with a recent EPC. The sales history is also included for all transactions recorded since 1995.

Property sales which took place before 1995 will not show when using this service. You could attempt to contact HM Land Registry directly if you wish to find pre-1995 sales, however compulsory registration wasn’t completed until 1990, and the price paid only started being recorded in 1995.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is included in a property history check?

Our property history check service allows you to see the sales history, EPC history and lease details of a property just using the postcode.

Properties which haven’t had any sales post 1995 and which haven’t had an EPC will not appear in the search results. You would need to search archives or contact HM Land Registry directly for further information on these properties.

What is a standard price paid transaction?

Property sales are either recorded as a ‘standard’ or ‘additional’ transaction. A standard transaction indicates that the property was sold to a private individual, i.e. a standard sale.

Some transactions aren’t included in these records, for example where a part share is sold, or in the case of right-to-buy sales.

What is an additional price paid transaction?

Property transactions recorded in the additional category indicates non-standard transactions, for example repossessions, non-private sales or other types of transaction (e.g. buying the freehold on a leasehold property).

Additional price paid transactions aren’t taken into account when we calculate the estimated current value of a property.

How much does it cost to check the history of a property?

Most of the information on this service is available to access free of charge with no need to make a payment or create an account. Some data requires us to purchase commercial licences and as such require a payment to cover our costs.

You can purchase unlimited access to this data for one month or one year, depending on your requirements. We can also provide API access for developers.