Title Deeds

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Getting a copy of your title deeds

It can sometimes be very difficult to get an original paper copy of the deeds for a property. They might be held by your solicitor / mortgage company or could have even been lost.

While HM Land Registry doesn’t keep any original paper copies of property deeds, they do have scanned copies of many documents and may be able to provide a copy of the title deeds.

You can enter your postcode to see what documents are stored in HM Land Registry records and get a copy delivered to you by email in minutes for a fee of £4 each document + £4.99 processing fee.

Alternatively, you can request official copies for £7 each if you need a paper copy, or require them for proof of property ownership in court.

Understanding your title deeds

Your title deeds are made up of several documents that provide a range of information about the property and its history.

Title Register: Shows details of who owns a property along with information about restrictions, easements, charges (e.g. a mortgage) and other important information.

Title Plan: This document shows the boundaries of a property and its position on a map. These boundaries might not be exact, or show who is responsible for maintaining the boundary.

Charge: A charge shows details of someone who has an interest in the property, for example, a mortgage company. These documents might include things like the amount owed and who is responsible for the mortgage.

Conveyance: These documents detail the transfer of ownership from one person to another. It might also include things like restrictive covenants and other restrictions that are in place.

Lease: A lease document shows details of who owns the freehold, along with the term of the lease and any other restrictions or arrangements regarding fees like service charges or ground rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the title deeds to a property?

Title deeds are the original paper documents that show a range of information about the property, including current and historic records.

You can get a copy of these documents from HM Land Registry, providing they have a copy of them on file. You can request a copy by entering your postcode above, or from HM Land Registry directly.

What information is included in my title deeds?

Title deeds include a range of information about a property since it was first registered with HM Land Registry.

You can request these documents if you need to get a copy of a lease, view details of any restrictive covenants, see if there are any mortgages, or find out who owns a property.

Where can I get a copy of my title deeds?

HM Land Registry doesn’t store the original paper deeds, but you may be able to get these from your solicitor or mortgage company.

If your solicitor or mortgage company doesn’t have these, it may be very difficult to find the original documents, especially if the property isn’t newly registered.

Do I need a copy of my title deeds?

HM Land Registry stores details of who owns property in England and Wales, so it’s not essential to have these unless your property isn’t on the register.

You should have received a copy of them from your solicitor when you purchased the property, but you can also request a copy of them from HM Land Registry if needed.

How much does it cost to get a copy of my title deeds?

You can use this service to get a copy of any documents in HM Land Registry records for a fee of £4 each. There is also a charge of £4.99 for each transaction which covers the cost of running this service and processing the documents.

The documents are delivered digitally and are usually available to access within a couple of minutes of payment.

Alternatively, you can request offical copies from HM Land Registry directly for a fee of £7 per document using form OC2. Official copies from HM Land Registry are required to prove property ownership in court.

Why are my title deeds not available?

HM Land Registry scans the original title deeds when a property is first registered.

Some documents may not be held on file by HM Land Registry, or the property may not be registered.

Please contact us if you would like to check this manually. It’s also helpful if you can provide the title number if possible.