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Finding information about your home

There are a range of public data sources that allow you to access information about your home, but it often means using multiple services and it can be time-consuming to access all of the details you need.

You can use our home search service to easily access this data in one place, and simplify the process of finding out more about your property.

All you’ll need is the postcode and first line of the address to get started.

Information included in a Home Search

We collect data from multiple sources and aim to link it together to provide a full picture of your home.

Property Type: This includes basic information about the property, such as the age, construction type, the number of rooms and if it is freehold or leasehold.

Sales History: View any sales recorded by HM Land Registry since 1995. See when the property was sold and how much was paid at the time.

EPC: Check the current and potential energy rating of your home, along with any recommendations on improving the energy performance.

Map & Street View: View a satellite image from above and see how the property looks from the street.

Restrictive Covenants*: Check if the property has any restrictive covenants. Our free service allows you to see if any covenants are in place, however, you will need to purchase a copy of the documents if you want to find out exactly what the restrictions are.

Leases*: See how long is left on the lease and find out if there is an alienation clause in place. You can also purchase a full copy of the lease document for an additional fee.

Comparable Properties*: Find similar comparable properties in the local area to see how much they sold for.

From time to time, not all of this information will be available. This may be because the property doesn’t have any recorded sales, hasn’t had an EPC, or there is a mistake in the original data which is making it difficult for us to link the data to your property automatically.

*Premium features require payment to access the full service due to the costs involved in accessing this data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my home missing from the search results?

When a property is missing from our search results completely, it’s usually because we don’t have enough data to show any details of the property. Properties that haven’t got any recorded sales, EPC, restrictive covenants or leases are unlikely to have any useful data to show and are not displayed in our search results.

Why is some of the information missing from my home?

The most common reason that data will be missing is when a property doesn’t have an EPC or hasn’t had any recorded sales.

While we will try to display as much information as possible, unfortunately, this is difficult for properties with no historical data. We’re always working on adding additional data sources to provide as much data as possible.

Why is some of the information for my home wrong?

We use public data from trusted government and commercial sources, but from time to time there may be some mistakes in the original data or a mismatch where some of the data has been incorrectly matched to your address.

Please contact us with any issues and we can advise on who would be best to contact and what steps you can take to correct any discrepancies.