Property Data API

Integrate property data with your website or software application.

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Access previous sold prices and freehold/leasehold data for a property using our JSON API.

Using the API

Finding properties in a postcode area

Search for a list of properties in a specific postcode using the 'ListProperties' endpoint.

Example request:

Example response:

Finding details for a specific property

Search for a specific property using the pid field, or the address.

Example request using PID:

Example request using address:

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What's Included?

Our property API allows you to search for a property using just the postcode.

  • Address data
  • Previous sold prices
  • Freehold/Leasehold status
  • Registered Leases

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Example Data

Property data

Property data will be returned for all properties which have sold since 1995.

Registered lease data

Information about registered leases will be returned for all properties with a leasehold record matching the address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the property data come from?

The property data API uses open data from a range of third-parties along with commercially licensed data.

Our API uses data licensed under the Open Government Licence, along with information produced by HM Land Registry.

How accurate is the data?

The property data comes from a range of sources including HM Land Registry and other third-party sources.

Where there are discrepancies or missing information from the original data source, this will also affect the data returned by our API.

Some properties may not be included in the data, for example, properties that have not sold since 1995.

How much does the data cost?

Property data is available on a pre-pay or monthly basis and is charged based on the number of API calls you need to make per month.

You can view our API pricing or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you offer other property data?

If you require additional data to use in your application, please contact us.

We may be able to assist in providing the following information depending on your requirements:

  • EPC Data
  • Broadband Speed Data
  • Restrictive Convenants

Can I download the data in bulk?

Data is provided for an individual property when using our JSON API. If you'd prefer to download property data in bulk, please contact us.

We can provide property data in JSON or CSV formats, formatted specifically to meet your requirements.