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Frequently Asked Questions

What house information can I check for free?

Using this service, you can access the following details for free (where available):

  • Age, type and size of property
  • Construction type
  • Sales history
  • EPC details
  • Estimated running costs

What house information do I need to pay to access?

For some information you will need to pay to access addition data for a property. Full access to this service allows you to check:

  • Date of any registered leases
  • Council tax band details
  • Comparable properties

Purchasing full access allows you to check as many properties as you need to for 30 days or 1 year depending on the option you choose.

Why is there no house information available for an address?

In some cases there may not be enough data available to show all of the details for a specific property.

If some details are missing, it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

  • The property hasn’t sold since 1995
  • The property hasn’t had a recent EPC
  • The property has only recently had an EPC and our records haven’t updated yet

Where does the house information come from?

We use a range of publicly available data along with commercial data sources to provide the property information on this service.

If details of the property are incorrect, you would usually need to contact the data provider directly to correct any mistakes. For example, where a previous sale price is missing or incorrect, HM Land Registry would be able to correct this directly.

Accessing house use for business purposes

If you’re looking to house information for use in your business, you can contact us for further information.

We can provide data in a number of methods to suit your requirements, for example:

  • API access for integration in your website or application.
  • White-label websites with your branding.
  • Bulk data downloads for importing into your own database.

Finding historical house information

We can usually only provide current and up to data information for properties. If you are looking to access historical records for a specific address, you can contact your local archive.

You can find an archive in your region who may be able to help.

HM Land Registry may also be able to provide some specific historical information (e.g. The names of previous owners).