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House Price Index Data Sources

The house price index includes data from:

  • HM Land Registry
  • Registers of Scotland
  • Land & Property Services

Sale prices are used to calculate the estimated change in property prices for a given period.

Calculating the change in property prices

The house price index uses a data model to estimate property prices changes.

Data is also grouped into a number of categories to provide a more in-depth breakdown of price changes across the country:

  • Region / local authority
  • Funding (Cash buyer or mortgaged)
  • Property Type (Detached, Terraced etc.)
  • Buyer status (First time buyers)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the house price index?

The house price index is maintained by the Office for National Statistics and provides estimated property price changes.

Property prices changes are calculated for different areas of the country and are also grouped into additional categories, for example regions and buyer status.

How often is the house price index updated?

The house price index is updated each month, however for areas of the country with a low volume of sales, it may be worth looking at longer term trends instead.

Historic house price index data is also available as far back as 1995.

How accurate is the house price index?

The house price index provides accurate historical data for property sales, but there can be anomalies which can affect the statistics.

Areas of the country with lower sales volume can be skewed and there can be delay in reporting the sale of a property, meaning a property sale might not be recorded until a number of months after completion.

Are all transactions included in the house price index?

There are a number of transactions that are excluded from the house price index, for example:

  • Right to buy sales
  • Gifts
  • Sales not at market value
  • Short leases