Lease Check

Enter a postcode to check when the lease ends on a property.

Find out information about your lease using just the postcode and first line of the address.

Renewing the lease on your property

You can request to extend the lease on your home at any time by contacting your landlord. You can ask to extend the lease by 50 or 90 years depending on the type of property.

You can also look to negotiate the terms of your lease if you’d like to try and change some of the restrictions or other terms listed in your lease agreement.

You may be able to apply to a tribunal if you and the landlord are unable to agree on changes to the current lease agreement.

Checking the terms of your lease

You can view basic information about your lease using this service, but if you want to check the full terms, you will need to get a full copy of the lease.

If you have a mortgage, your mortgage company should have a copy of the lease that they can provide you with for a fee.

The solicitor who processed the sale of your property may still have a copy of the lease depending how long ago the property was purchased.

HM Land Registry can provide a copy of the lease for £3.

Purchasing the freehold

If you want to buy the freehold, you can contact your landlord at any time. There are different rules depending on if the property is a flat or a house.

If your property is a flat, you’ll be looking to buy a share of the freehold, however you might have the right to buy the full freehold for houses.

You may need to get professional help from a company with experience in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lease?

When you purchase a leasehold property, the lease gives you a temporary right to occupy the land. The lease may also have other restrictions on it, for example you may need permission to make alterations or have to pay charges to maintain certain areas.

What is a lease check?

You can use this service to find out information about the lease on a property just using the address.

Find out the date of the lease, how long is left and if there is an alienation clause in the lease.

How long is left on my lease?

Enter your postcode to search for the lease details on your property.

You’ll need to pay for full access to the site to view the lease details instantly. After payment, you can check as many properties as you need to.

How do I know if my property is a leasehold?

You can check if a property is leasehold or freehold for free using this service.

Simply enter the postcode and select the address to check the tenure of the property. Properties which have recorded sales after 1995 will have a marker to indicate if the sale was on a freehold or leasehold basis.

How do I check the terms of my lease?

You can request a copy of your lease from your solicitor, mortgage company or HM Land Registry if you no longer have a copy.

You may need to pay a fee to view a full copy of the lease.

What happens when my lease ends?

When the lease expires, the property will revert to a freehold and ownership will be returned to the freeholder, even if you’ve paid your mortgage off outright. For this reason it’s important to be aware of the rules surrounding leasehold properties and seek legal advice on extending the lease.

How much does it cost to check my lease details?

You can check the details of your lease for £3.99 for 30 days full access to the site. This allows to view specific information about the lease, but you will need to request a copy from HM Land Registry in order to view the full terms if you don’t have the original copy of your lease given to you when purchasing the property.