Property Data

Enter a postcode to view property data for UK addresses.

You can access property data using just the postcode with this service.

Checking Data for Your Own Property

You can use this service to check your own property or any property in the UK using just the postcode and first line of the address.

We’ll attempt to match as much data as possible from multiple sources in order to give a full picture of the property.

In some cases, we may have problems matching all of the information and you may find that some details are missing. If you believe that a property has an EPC but this is not showing on the records, you can check the EPC register to view a list of all Energy Performance Certificates issued in a specific postcode area.

Property Data for Business Use

If you are looking to access large amounts of data for your business, we can provide this in multiple ways:

  • Access through our website
  • Developer API for direct integration
  • Custom white label site with your branding
  • Bulk data downloads

Please contact us directly for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What property data can I check?

You can use this service to check many data fields for any property. Check the sales history, estimated valuation, energy performance details and more.

Why is there no data for my property?

If there is no data available for your property, it’s likely that we don’t have enough information to be able to provide accurate details for your address. This is usually because there haven’t been any recent sales or EPCs completed, meaning we only have very limited details available.

Where does the property data come from?

The property data is sourced from a combination of open data and commercial sources, including:

  • HM Land Registry
  • Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
  • Local Councils
  • Ofcom for broadband speeds
  • HMRC for stamp duty rates

What property data can I check free of charge?

You can check a number of fields completely free of charge with no need to register:

  • Property sales history
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Broadband Speeds
  • Estimated Property Prices
  • Stamp Duty Calculations

What property data do I need to pay to access?

Some data fields on the site require an account and payment as these come from commercial sources, for example:

  • Information about property leases
  • Comparable properties for council tax
  • Rebuild costs

If you are looking to access the names of the owners of a property, you will need to request a copy of the title register from HM Land Registry directly.